Value On Merit Not Just Price

Value On Merit Not Just Price


Continuing the Revival of the Sheffield Watch Brand

The Sheffield Chronograph 1 is a timeless masterpiece that pays homage to the iconic 1960s Sheffield Chronographs. With a dial, finish, and case design closely based on the original mechanical hand-wind watches, this timepiece captures the essence of vintage elegance.

At the heart of the Sheffield Chronograph 1 lies the proven mechanical Seagull ST1901 movement. This unique feat of traditional watchmaking traces its roots back to the Swiss-made Venus 175 movement. Seagull, having acquired the patents and machinery, uses this technology to create the ST1901. Boasting an impressive 21 jewels and a 42-hour power reserve, the ST1901 is a marvel of horological engineering.

The exhibition crystal case back allows you to admire the complexity and beauty of the movement, showcasing its intricate details and hearing its rhythmic tick.

Remarkably, the Sheffield Chronograph 1 is the first in the Sheffield lineup to break the $200 barrier, yet it remains steadfast in delivering the quality and value promise that Sheffield is renowned for.

Experience the blend of heritage and innovation with the Sheffield Chronograph 1.





A Very Personal Project

Watches and Porsches

I have always liked watches and cars. I remember watching the TV series Sea Hunt and James Bond movies wanting the cool watches the characters wore. Likewise, I still remember Grand Prix and being immersed in the sounds and the wide screen. When I was 11 my parents gave me my first “Dive Watch” a Sheffield Allsport. I beat the hell out of that watch and I still have it today and is pictured above. It also started me on my love of and collection of dive watches over the last 50 years. Over that time, I’d look at that watch amongst my other watches and wondered “What If?” Well, the day has come. I am pleased to offer the Sheffield All Sport 1. A revived brand and surprising value. My goal was to build this watch with the highest specification possible at a price comparable to the $13 dollar price paid in 1970 in today’s dollars. These Allsport 1 models hold their own perfectly within my own collection, high and low, with no compromise.

All Available Watches

QL1 Red

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QL1 Periwinkle

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QL1 Light Ivory

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QL1 Green

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QL1 Ferris Wheel

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QL1 Bundle All Colors

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QL1 Blue

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QL1 Black

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Chronograph 1 Blue

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ALLSPORT 1 GTBL3, Right-Side Crown

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More to the Story
The Allsport Diver 1A

All of the reasons why, and story of the revival of Sheffield remain the same as told in the original narrative below when I debuted the Sheffield Allsport Diver 1.

The Allsport Diver 1A is something even more special because it is the “Homage” the “Update” in watch-speak of my original Sheffield. The “A” stands for Automatic which is as close as I could get to my original hand wind. Actually the 1A can be hand wound but it’s true feature is the Seiko NH35 23 jewel movement which has 40 hours of reserve and -20 to +40 seconds accuracy per day.

All of the other performance specifications are in line with all other Sheffield watches. Sapphire crystal, 316L steel cases, aluminum bezel. The extra boost of full Swiss lume for all indices and numbers. And of course a modern “Diving” watch requires at least 20 ATM water resistance. Which the 1A has along with its true to heritage FKM rubber Tropic strap.

Visually, the “Update” is as true as possible to the original range of Sheffield Allsport Divers. The color of the indices and numbers as well as the custom tooled hands, even the cyclops date window. But the added bonus is the replica engraving of the diver on the case back which adds a special touch.

The focus on value and price remains paramount. Originally the automatic Sheffield watches ranged anywhere between $19.50 to $22.00 from the late 60’s to the early 70’s. I will use 1970 as I did for the ALLSPORT 1. The price lands, with inflation, in the mid $170’s today. And since we have been ending on the 8’s the 1A will be $178.00.

The 2023 Sheffield Allsport 1A is actually a far more robust watch than its 70’s ancestor? But back in the day it was still a “Diver” and so is the 1A.

I am very pleased with this watch in so many ways!


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