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Sheffield Watches

QL1 Yellow

QL1 Yellow

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This “speed yellow” inspired QL1 watch will be sold in both 38mm and 40mm sizes and 100% the proceeds, meaning the full price, will be donated to a Go-Fund-Me account: objective is to raise funds to help Nicole Chabot Ryan and others who suffer from her autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis.

Nicole @newlifeofoldnicole and her husband J @porschelife111 are very familiar to a wide range of Porsche people. Nicole and J have been sharing, bravely, her struggle with this insidious disease. It’s a painful journey and there is no cure. There is only hope and the strength I have seen in Nicole dealing with the pain as well as J in his unwavering support and love is heroic.

I can only feel so lucky to have my health and all the friends in the watch and car world that I have gained in the year since Sheffield launched.

There is nothing you or I can do to heal this disease, but we can help Nicole and others cope as best they can through the purchase of this very cool QL1 color…which happens to be the same color as the Porsche 911 that J and Nicole take toas many cars and coffee, @newcomesranch meet-ups as Nicole can tolerate. The total of $60 per watch, which is $10 higher than the other QL1 watches, will be donated to the fund. If you can only choose one QL1 please choose this one. 

Thank you, Jay

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There were two things it had to have:  A reliable Miyota Quartz 2035 movement, and at least 5 ATM (150 feet) so you could shower or jump in the pool and not worry about it.

The rest of the specifications are solid:  Alloy case, hardened mineral glass, and a rugged nylon strap that is easy to interchange.